4 Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill

reasons this year is the best time to replace your windowsAs the cost of home heating oil, natural gas, or propane continues to increase (also electric, for those who have electric baseboard heating), it becomes more important than ever to pay attention to every little strategy, every tip that could help save money on heating expenses.

Here are four tips that may just help you and your family save some money during the winter. Whether we’re at the tail end or beginning of winter when you read this, it can still be beneficial.

Tip #1: Test drafts.

On the first cold day, or the next really cold day, turn up the heat inside your house and walk around all of your windows and doors. You can use the back of your bare hand or other surface of your skin to feel for cold air pressing through. This will usually happen right around the windows, through the glass, or around the door frames.

When you can feel drafts, you can quickly begin to understand just how much heat you’re losing throughout the day.

Tip #2: Improve insulation.

If you feel drafts from around the windows, carefully remove the molding to check for insulation. If you don’t see any insulation, a lot of cold air is just pouring through there. Pack some good insulation in and if you don’t have these skills, hire a contractor to do it for you.

Tip #3: Replace the windows.

If your windows are drafty and old, invest in replacement windows. You might also want to consider investing in replacement doors. 40 percent of your home’s heat is being lost through drafty windows and doors. Just imagine how much you can save if you could cut back on most of that loss.

Tip #4: Turn the thermostat down.

Some people just don’t want to hear this. They want to be comfortable, especially in their own home. However, putting on a couple of extra layers of clothing, having a blanket around you, and other strategies can help you stay warm while reducing the cost of heating your home throughout the winter.