4 Steps to Repair Exterior Shutters this Summer on Your Toronto Home


4 Steps to Repair Exterior Shutters this Summer on Your Toronto HomeSummer is a great time to get outside and focus on various home improvement projects. One of those projects could be repairing the exterior shutters of your home.

There could be a number of reasons why the exterior shutters on your house have become damaged. The most significant is sun exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can be devastating to vinyl as well as wood exterior shutters. Follow these four steps to help repair those shutters.

Step #1: Determine whether your shutters are wood or vinyl.

Wood shutters are far easier to repair than vinyl. If you have vinyl shutters, you may want to consider replacing them with natural wood exterior shutters. If you have wood shutters, continue with the rest of the steps.

Step #2: Remove the shutters from the house.

There is likely very simple hardware that needs to be removed to disconnect the shutter from the house. It could be as simple as a screw or hinge device.

Step #3: Sand down the shutter thoroughly.

Sanding down the shutter may be time consuming, but you can also consider soaking the shutter in a wood stripping solution.

Step #4: Remove any warped slats and replace with new ones, re-stain or paint, and replace.

If you don’t have the time or skillset to do your exterior shutters justice when you attempt to repair them, call on an experienced professional. You want your windows to be accented properly. Exterior shutters can offer tremendous value to just about any homeowner, so having them repaired or replaced can be a great asset.