4 Steps to Prepare for Replacement Window Installation in Your Toronto Home

install_01You made the decision to install replacement windows for your Toronto home. Now it’s time to prepare for when the installer arrives with them. Below are 4 steps you should take in order to ensure that this process is smooth and there are no delays.

1. Call to confirm the delivery date. While you may have received a delivery/installation date when you purchased those windows, it’s a good idea to make sure you and the salesperson wrote down the correct date and that the installer is on the same page. Usually most companies will call to confirm this, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure everything is in order yourself.

2. Find out if the installer will need anything in particular of you. Some installers might need access to an electrical outlet near the windows, clearing away any items that might keep them from working safely on the window space, or something else within reason.

3. Move furniture from the windows to be replaced. If you have a China cabinet, couch, or other large item near or blocking a window, move this out of the way. If you are physically unable to do so, that’s one thing, but expecting the installer to do this is only going to cause a delay in the installation (as it will take them more time to do so).

4. Remove all window treatments. Any drapes or curtains you have over the windows should be removed before the installation expert arrives. These will need to be removed anyway, and to have the installer do that will slow down the process and that could add expenses you didn’t plan for (each company and installer has different expectations, so make sure you understand these clearly).

These four steps should help to make the installation process for your replacement windows go more smoothly.