4 Common Signs that Entry Doors are Beginning to Wear Out (and Should be Replaced)

Entry doors are an essential component of any home. Without them, you wouldn’t have any way to gain entry into your home. Just like any other product or item within your home, these entry doors are going to wear out over time. Yes, even entry doors have a life expectancy.

Why is it so important to understand life expectancy of entry doors?

While security is certainly essential, the first thing to talk about is energy efficiency. A significant amount of the heat your furnace generates during the winter is lost through drafty windows and entry doors.

The older a door is, the less efficient it’s going to be. That can certainly cost you money over time. Older entry doors are not nearly as energy efficient as today’s entry doors are.

Next, you have to think about security. The first place someone is going to try and gain access to your home is through those entry doors. They will usually focus on the side or back door, which doesn’t get as much attention as a front door. They will look for wear and tear, weak points, and even cheap doors.

Wrought Iron Front DoorBeing aware of the condition of your entry doors is one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe, and protect your assets. Some of the common signs to look for that may indicate your entry doors should be replaced as listed below.

1. Draftiness through the door itself. If you can feel cold air pushing through the door itself, then the insulation inside (or any materials that it may be made of) have broken down and are no longer effective.

2. Cracks along the exterior. If the door is cracked in places, it has been weakened. Plain and simple. It’s strength is compromised and won’t protect your home or family as well any longer.

3. The doors are more than 20 years old. Any entry door that is more than 20 years old should be replaced.

4. There is no metal plating along the handles. Many of today’s entry doors have metal plating around the door handles and locking mechanisms. This improves security for the doors.

If you notice your entry doors with any of these issues, it’s time to seriously think about replacing them.