3 Tips to Help You Get Ready for Installation of Your New Windows

You’re excited right now. You and your spouse spent several weeks looking through a wide range of replacement windows and doors for your house. At first you may have been wary about the budget for this, but you ultimately realized the impact it could have on not just your comfort inside your house, but also in its assessed value. Now you simply can’t wait for those new windows you ported to be installed.

It might take several weeks for your windows to be manufactured and delivered, and in the meantime you can take a few steps to help get everything ready for this installation. The more you do to help in this process, the quicker the installers can get the job done and get out of your hair so you can sit back and finally enjoy these new replacement windows in your house.

Here are three tips that can help.

Tip #1: Clear items from areas.

If you have furniture or other items that are near the windows that are being replaced, move them out of the way, if possible. You may have an extremely large desk that wraps around a corner that would need to be taken completely apart to move, and in this type of situation, don’t worry about that.

Instead, clear the desk of any items you have on it, at least within a few feet of the window, cover it with blankets or other material to protect the finish, and explain to the installer how important it is for them to be careful around this piece of furniture.

Tip #2: Move anything you don’t want installers touching.

If there are certain items on a nightstand, for example, that are right next to the windows in your bedroom and you don’t want anybody touching them, ask them not to do so or move them.

Tip #3: Make it easy for them to get in and out of your house.

Forcing somebody to jump through hoops, so to speak, to get into and out of the house is going to slow down the installation process. You can make it easier by creating a clear path from either the front door, side door, or back door, to each room in the house where new windows will be installed.