3 Reasons to Consider Wood Shutters for New Windows

shuttersThe moment you purchase replacement windows for your house, you want to protect them. That’s especially true when you invest properly in those windows. There are plenty of ways to help keep your new replacement windows looking their best and stay protected, but wood shutters are some of the best.

Here are three reasons you might want to consider wood shutters instead of blinds or curtains or other drapery for your new replacement windows.

Reason #1: Protection.

When you have wood shutters closed, especially if you have young children in the house, it will protect those windows from flying debris, balls, or other items. Yes, you can admonish your children not to play ball in the house all you want, but there are going to be mishaps and they might not always listen to you, especially if you’re not in the room with them.

These wood shutters can help protect your windows when they’re closed. You can open the slats to allow light into the room, but they will still offer some level of protection over those replacement windows.

Reason #2: Appearance.

You can have the wood shutters painted any color you want or have them stained. The elegant and refined nature of wood shutters, especially high quality shutters, creates an incredible appearance inside the house.

This can improve your interior decor tremendously.

Reason #3: Light control.

It’s far easier to control the amount of light coming into your home, especially if you have split wood shutters. You can open the top half of those shutters to allow light into the house or enjoy the sunset while keeping the bottom half closed to provide privacy.

You can even throw open the shutters completely to allow the full breadth of sunlight into your house, which can be great during the winter when you want to take advantage of those ultraviolet rays to help heat your home, at least a little bit.