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Front Doors – They Matter!

Your front door does a lot for your home, but it usually gets overshadowed by all the other elements of the house. You should start paying attention to your front door! After all, it's one of the first things your friends, your neighbours, and if you are selling, what the prospective buyers see. It makes [...]

Enerview Windows: Why You Should Choose Them

Not a lot of homeowners stop to think about their windows, thinking that as long as there's glass and it's not broken, the window must be doing its job. But how true is that? If your bills are getting a little too high, and your windows are drafty, hanging thick curtains to cover them just [...]

Great Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Doors and Windows

Christmas is just around the corner! When it comes to this festive season, the best way to show your guests and your entire neighbourhood that you are enjoying and celebrating the Christmas spirit is by decorating your home!   Of course, there will be the traditional tree and perhaps some socks to hang by the [...]

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

You may not be able to ask your house if it needs anything or if everything is fine. That does not mean it won't give you some hints! Yes, your house has its way of letting you know that it needs some attention. Your windows, in particular, are quite communicative. All that's needed is for [...]

Platinum Home Design & Renovations – Who are We?

When it comes to home renovations, there are two important factors that you should think about carefully - the products or materials you are going to use and the contractor you are going to hire. If you want the best results (and no problematic repairs and deep regrets) you should never settle for anything but [...]

How Much Can You Learn Through Online Reviews of a Window and Door Company?

When you’re shopping around for replacement windows or doors for your house, you will have some basic choices. You can certainly choose to purchase these new windows and doors from your local home improvement megastore, but a specialist that deals only with windows and doors would be a better option. Shopping around for certain companies [...]

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